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Welcome to our comprehensive suite of solutions, where we offer a suite of innovative platforms designed to empower your business with cutting-edge data collection, analysis, presentation and insights. Each of our solutions is tailored to meet specific industry challenges, helping you make informed decisions, understand your customers better, and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market. Explore our range of solutions and discover how they can transform your data into your most valuable asset.


Data Collection

Seize the pulse of trends with precise data capture



SurveyGuru is a no-code, end-to-end survey platform tailored for market researchers and project managers. It automates your survey processes, reducing time and cost while enhancing accuracy and reliability. From creating surveys to generating insightful reports, SurveyGuru simplifies every step, providing real-time insights swiftly and efficiently.



DigiLife is your gateway to understanding consumer behavior and ad effectiveness within a simulated digital environment. This platform replicates popular online spaces such as social media, e-commerce sites, and video streaming platforms to test user engagement with your ads or branded content. It's an invaluable tool for marketers aiming to measure ad impact and consumer interactions in a controlled yet realistic setting.


Transforming raw data into a goldmine of insights



Visual-Insights Tabulize addresses the need for precise and efficient data organization. It offers a sophisticated platform for tabulating complex datasets, allowing for clear, structured, and insightful data analysis. This solution is particularly beneficial for researchers and analysts looking to make sense of extensive survey data or study results.



MobiLife confronts the challenge of analyzing large and complex data sets, particularly from mobile passive metering and digital campaigns. It simplifies data analysis by converting extensive data into user-friendly dashboards, enabling swift and informed decision-making. MobiLife is the solution for businesses seeking to efficiently interpret and act on their extensive data collections.


Turning insights into impactful narratives.



Visual-Insights Reporter is dedicated to transforming complex data into comprehensible reports. It automates the reporting process, offering customizable and interactive reports that provide deep insights into your data. This tool is perfect for businesses needing detailed, understandable, and actionable reports without the extensive manual effort.



Visual-Insights Dashboards brings your data to life through dynamic and interactive dashboards. It provides a real-time overview of your data, highlighting key metrics and trends in an easily digestible format. This solution is perfect for decision-makers needing instant access to critical data points to monitor performance and make strategic decisions.

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