Simulated In-Context Environment for Consumer Behavioral Analysis and Ad Testing

DigiLife provides a revolutionary approach to understanding consumer behaviors on major digital platforms. It is a sophisticated simulation of various popular online environments, including social media, video and music streaming, and eCommerce platforms. This solution is adept at capturing intricate consumer behaviors and is particularly valuable for advertising effectiveness measurement and eCommerce behavioral analysis.

Challenges in Modern Digital Advertising

With the rise of in-app advertising and eCommerce, marketers face the challenge of evaluating ad effectiveness and understanding consumer behaviors on platforms that typically restrict data sharing and third-party testing. DigiLife addresses this challenge by offering a comprehensive solution.

The DigiLife Solution

DigiLife is a meticulously designed platform that replicates popular digital environments. These include social media platforms, search engines, eCommerce sites, news websites, and gaming apps. It allows businesses to test how users engage with advertisements or branded content in a natural and immersive in-context survey setting.


DigiLife stands out for its code-free environment, mimicking online platforms that can be integrated within any survey script. The platform offers flexibility to alter and guide user flow and tracks engagement with both the platform and the branded content.

How it Works

DigiLife creates simulated interactive environment that you can directly embed in your survey and after your respondents have seen your ads / content you can ask them unaided questions (do you remember seeing an ad from Brand X) as they browse through the platform naturally or ask them aided questions such “do you remember seeing an ad from Brand X” and “how much do they like the ads”.

Screening and Exposure

Screen your audience through surveys and expose them to the test content embedded in the simulated environment.

Natural Browsing Experience

The simulation allows users to naturally interact with platforms, providing genuine responses to your content.

Diagnostic Questions

Follow up with unaided or aided diagnostic questions to gauge the impact of your content.

Application and Use Cases

DigiLife is versatile, with applications ranging from ad testing in natural browsing on various platforms to understanding eCommerce behavior through simulated shopping experiences.

Simply place your ads or branded content and while users naturally browse through the everyday platform, without telling them what we are testing, and follow up with questions related to the test. By creating multiple groups of respondents with different test or control contents in the same environment you can learn what works the best.

Ad / Creative Testing

  • Evaluate user engagement with ads (e.g., view duration, skip rates).
  • Assess the memorability and impact of ads.
  • Analyze ad elements liked or disliked by users.
  • Optimize ads for maximum ROI and brand impact.

E-commerce Behavior

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  • Test various branded assets for conversion effectiveness.
  • Analyze how content performs in a simulated eCommerce environment.
  • Understand the influence of various factors like positioning, content, and reviews.
  • Track the consumer journey to optimize brand experience.

Recording User Behavior and Interactions

DigiLife meticulously records user interactions, providing valuable insights into:

Get insightful results

By simply comparing different groups of consumer exposed to different contents/ads or control group, learn about your audience using both survey and behavior data.

Project in mind? Questions to ask?

Discover the missing pieces of the puzzle in understanding ad effectiveness and e-commerce behavior in the digital space.